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Please share your thoughts on the IT Round Table

As your incoming Chair I have two immediate aims. The first is to improve communication between the members of the Round Table so everyone knows we’re here. The second is to create something of a minimal strategic plan for the coming year, with input from the membership, to identify and track progress toward a few key strategic goals.

Whether you are a Round Table member or not I would love to hear from you. What is your interest in library technology? What could the Round Table do that would help make your library more effective? What would you like to see us doing for members and for KLA? Comment below, email me, or send something out to the KLAINFO list. Introduce yourself, tell us about the technology challenges facing your library, or if you aren’t a member–tell us what might entice you to become one? Other questions and thoughts are also welcome.

To guide thinking, here’s the snippet from the Round Table By-laws on the purpose of the Round Table:

a. to advance Information and Technology in Kentucky libraries.
b. to provide peer support through the sharing of ideas and concerns with colleagues statewide.
c. To encourage professional growth among members through opportunities for Continuing Education and participation in professional activities.

Lee Burchfield
2016-17 KLA ITRT Chair

Election Results

The ballot has been closed and the results are in. The new officers for 2016-17 are:

Chair:  Lee Burchfield
Vice-Chairperson/Chair Elect:  Maureen Cropper
Secretary:  Jane Bryant
Treasurer:  Uma Doraiswamy

There were 49 eligible voters and 20 cast ballots. Each of the three candidates received 100% of the vote. There were no “No” votes and no abstentions.

Keep in mind that we have a WordPress website available at If you register you can post messages. And please let the officers know what we can do in the upcoming year to make ITRT a useful and valuable part of your KLA membership.

KLA-ITRT news: Business Meeting, Listserv, Facebook

The annual ITRT business meeting is scheduled to take place at 5pm on Sept. 18th in the Willow Room at the Galt House Hotel, Louisville, KY. Please join us if you can; we look forward to seeing you!

If you cannot attend in person, the ITRT would still like to hear from you; our ITRT listserv (KLAINFO@LSV.UKY.EDU) is available for group discussion and peer support through the sharing of ideas about information technology, and serves as a forum for advertising professional development opportunities in the field.

If you would like to sign up for the listserv but haven’t already, please see instructions here:

Also, recently added: the ITRT has a new Facebook page at

If you are a member of Facebook, please “like” the ITRT Facebook page to show support for our roundtable and its mission, as well as to receive occasional additional updates about opportunities and events.

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