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Starting in February 2007, ITRT subscribed to a Web hosting service. The package includes 300 GB storage, mailing list and some Open Source application software. The purpose of getting this service is to build a common virtual location for better communication, collaboration and sharing information among the ITRT members. It will be used as a developmental space or platform for ITRT members to gain experience with technologies such as Content Management System (CMS), Online Survey, and Web 2.0 technologies, etc. It can also be used to support library web projects as needed by any Kentucky libraries.

Details about the hosting features can be found at vendor’s site at

ITRT hopes you will make good use of this service so that this investment can reach the best of its value. ITRT commits to this kind of subscription as long as there is a project that needs it.

The following policies and procedures will serve as a guide for this service:

Eligible Projects
Any library project that needs a technology available in this package can be eligible. This project can be a library’s project, a special interest group’s project or even an ITRT member’s individual research project.

1. An ITRT member from the library or special interest group who serves as a project liaison submits a request to the ITRT Web Service Officer.
2. Once the request is approved, the supported application will be installed.

1. ITRT maintains the subscription and oversees the use of all application systems.
2. By using this sponsored service, a user is automatically bound to the requirements or regulations that are associated with this subscription. ITRT reserves its rights to remove or discontinue any illegal or unlawful contents published on the sites sponsored by this subscription.
3. Users are solely responsible for the security and backup of their project contents.
4. During this experimental period (before February 2009) related policies or guidelines may be changed accordingly for better serving the users and management as needed.

Web Services Support
This support is a peer-based self-support. Users may submit their application- related questions or problems here, although it would be better to submit them to the software application’s home or community. However, we do encourage users to share the solutions or findings they have discovered, and their ideas, tricks or tips here within this community.

Any request that involves contacting this Web hosting service vendor should be directed to the ITRT Chairperson.


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