About the Conference Proposal Online Form and Planning System

This system is used for collecting proposals for 2008 KLA/KSMA, SELA and ARL NDLC (National Diversity in Libraries Conference) joint Conference. Users can submit proposals after registering online once. Proposals will be processed by two different sub-groups (KSMA and the other) separately. All the processing tasks such as voting, ranking, and scheduling can be done in the system.

System Features
• URL: http://kla-itrt.org/conf
• Content type: proposal, proposals
• Categories: Groups (one for KSMA and one for the others,) Type of presentation, Preferred Date, Preferred Time, Subjects / Topics / Tracks
• Display: proposals are accessible by selected authorized people only. Proposals are grouped by categories and can be browsed by each category; proposals can be evaluated and voted on by one or more authorized groups
• Notification: During the submission period, authorized people can receive new submission notification or using secured RSS: Syndication for RSS feed readers
• Evaluation: planning committee members can review, comment, and vote on proposals online
• Scheduling: A date/time field can be added to the selected proposals for schedule planning after the call for proposals is closed
• User registration: self registration with login information automatically emailed to the user as confirmation. After user logs into the system, the user can choose a form to submit a proposal or update their personal information
• Password management: Request new password allows user to obtain a new password via the registered email anytime

Application Software and Project Implementation
This system was designed and implemented by Weiling Liu (University of Louisville.) The site server is sponsored by ITRT (http://kla-itrt.org) and powered by Drupal (version 5.3) (http://drupal.org,) an Open Source module-based content management system (CMS.) In addition to the core modules, some add-on contributed modules are used (see list below.) The theme is customized from Jacine Rodriguez’ sky (http://drupal.org/project/sky.)

Module Name/ – Descriptions
cck/ – for adding additional fields
contact_list/ – for contact list page (instead of dropdown list)
content_access/ – set access control by roles or page
event/ – event calendar
eventrepeat/ – repeated event
login_destination/ – define a specific page for user after login
mass_contact/ – for planning committee to send mass message to selected groups or all users
node_browser/ – browse contents in different ways and setup specific browsing list for specific groups
node_clone/ – makes it easier for site manager to copy a node
nodeasblock/ – makes it easier to create some page that is displayed at a certain place and accessible by a particular group of users
nodeauthor/ – use it to add a field to display author information in the content page
nodegoto/ – define a specific page after a certain action, such as adding a node
notify/ – notify committee about new contents added to the system
path_access/ – setup access control by path
pathauto/ – define url alias by content type or category
registration_role/ – automatically assign a role to a self register user
site_user_list/ – for authorized committee members to view register users’ contact information
taxonomy_super_select/ – allows to turn category into check boxes if desired
tokenauth/ – for secured RSS feed
user_import/ – makes it easier to create accounts for a group of people
userprotect/ – better secure user accounts, and define what information in the account a user can change (e.g. password, email or username)
views/ – needed for some other modules
votingapi/ – for evaluation voting process

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