About the 2009 KLA/KSMA Conference Proposal Online Form

This system is used for collecting proposals for 2009 KLA/KSMA joint Annual Conference. Users can submit proposals without login. There are three proposals, one for KLA Mini-Session, KSMA Mini-Session and Poster. A submitted proposal will be kept online and viewable to authorized committee members and an email notification will be sent to the submitteter and authorized committee members respectively. At the end of the call, all the submitted proposals can be exported into a file in either CSV or Excel format. All the processing tasks such as voting, ranking, and scheduling can be done in the system as needed.

System Features
• URL: http://kla-itrt.org/klaform
• Content type: webform
• Email notification: user and authorized committee members will receive an email notification when a proposal or request is submitted
• Export: submissions can be exported into a file in delimited CSV or MS Excel format for further processed
• Evaluation: planning committee members can review, comment, and vote on proposals online
• Scheduling: A date/time field can be added to the selected proposals for schedule planning after the call for proposals is closed
• Communication: User can send information to conference committee and committee members with accounts can communicate with each other or to all the members in the system.

Application Software and Project Implementation
This system was designed and implemented by Weiling Liu (University of Louisville.) The site server is sponsored by ITRT (http://kla-itrt.org) and powered by Drupal (version 5.15) (http://drupal.org,) an Open Source module-based content management system (CMS.) In addition to the core modules, some add-on contributed modules are used (see list below.) The theme is adapted from Avioso Designs’ forest_floor (http://drupal.org/project/forest_floor.)

Module Name/ – Descriptions
webform/ – for all the forms
contact_form/ – for contact list page
mass_contact/ – for planning committee to send mass message to selected groups or all users

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